- Restoring Environmental Quality

- Making Property Clean and Safe for:

  • Shoreline Park Recreation for children, teens, adults and seniors
  • Trails, gardens, biking, boating, beach access
  • Commercial enterprises
  • Mixed-use development
  • Ecological habitat restoration

- Fully compliant with Local, State and Federal Regulations


- All parcels subject to City of San Francisco’s Maher Ordinance.

- Maher Ordinance requires investigation and remediation of hazardous materials.

- Mitigation plan uses standards set by California Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) and Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB).


- 900 Innes Remedial Action Plan

The proposed scope of work for the remediation of the contaminated sediments along the intertidal zone of 900 Innes will be based on the Conceptual Remediation Action Plan (RAP) for the 900 Innes Project prepared by Northgate Environmental, which was completed in June 2017. The goal of the Conceptual RAP is to address environmental conditions requiring remediation before the Site is redeveloped as a public park and open space.   Currently, the sediments contain elevated concentrations of heavy metals, TPHs, PAHs, and PCBs.  The purpose of the remediation is to address environmental impacts that have resulted from historical industrial uses at the property in accordance with regulatory guidelines.  Proposed remediation activities include a combination of sediment removal, sediment capping, and institutional controls.  The activities will also address the removal of creosote-treated structures and removal and retrieval of abandoned structures, which have deteriorated and crumbled into the intertidal areas thus potentially impacting recreational waters. 

The Department is proposing to remediate the Site to meet the Human Health Screen Levels (HHSLs) and Ecological Habitat Screening Level (EHSLs) as proposed to the RWQCB prior to Site redevelopment to protect the health and safety of future Park and Open Space workers and visitors, redevelopment construction workers, and ecological receptors of tidal marsh habitats. In addition, sediment quality in the intertidal areas of the Site will be improved to the degree necessary to support tidal marsh habitat that is currently proposed as part of the future Park redevelopment.

Per the RAP, the proposed remedial actions include removal of an estimated 3,500 cubic yards (cu yd) of sediment and import an equivalent volume of clean sediment to construct a sediment backfill or cover where sediments may exceed ecological Remedial Action Goals (RAGs).  Imported fill material shall meet the necessary screening levels required by the resource agencies (Army Corps of Engineers Dredged Material Management Office (DMMO), RWQCB, or other), and to the practical extent feasible is discharge dredge material from another project

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- 900 Site Characterization Report

- India Basin Shoreline Park Site Characterization Report

- 900 Innes/India Basin Shoreline Park/India Basin Open Space Site Mitigation Plan

- 700 Innes Site Mitigation Plan